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This week's TTT is: Ten things to read when you need something light and fun.
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My list:

1. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight -- I love this book, it was such a light and fun book to read while I was on the bus. I feel like this book deserves more attention though, because since the name is long, not many people tends to remember it and at least look at it. But I thought it was such a sweet love story.
2. What I Didn't Say -- This book was funny and humorous at some points and really sad and emotional at another point. I actually cried while reading this book because it had such a strong and emotional plot behind it and I find that very...interesting. But it was probably one of the best emotional books I've read.

3. Saving June -- I read this WAY before I started blogging and WAY before I fell in love with reading. This was actually the book that had me love reading in the first place. And I have to say, it was amazing, fantastic, funny, emotional (I really did cry after finishing this, it was just so sad). I recommend this to anyone that loves a good romance mixed in with the BEST music in the world and mixed with a little bit of tragedy.

4. Flat-Out Love -- I don't know why but I find emotional and sad books very good for times when I need something to read for fun. Flat-Out Love was another emotional and funny story. Jessica did an amazing job in writing this book and I had an amazing time laughing at all the jokes and the happy bits in this book and I have to admit, AGAIN, I cried as well reading this. It looks like this list is going to be full of emotional books that I cried every time I read it.

5. You Had Me At Halo -- Now this one wasn't as sad. It was really funny and I laughed so many times while reading this. And I have to say, putting a girl in a boy's body is the most funniest and the best thing to do!! Man, this book was so funny that I laughed so hard my stomach hurts.

6. The Catastrophic History of You and Me -- This was another really funny story, but this one was more of finding yourself before you turn bad completely and also finding the one you love before you lose them. And please, if you think this is just another story about good-girl bad-boy thing, it's not. It was an amazing story and I love the fact that this was set in Heaven.

7. Unlovable -- This was another really emotional one. And the second main reason I really love this book was because......THE MAIN CHARACTER IS A COP!! I have a thing for cops you see (maybe that's because I want to become a police officer when I'm older hehe). And the cop is HOT HOT HOT!! Lool! This story was about abuse and romance, add in a little bit of drugs and alcohol.

8. My Life Next Door -- This book was a light, funny and is really recommended for when you're on a plane going to somewhere hot or something. It was a really light read, taking weight off my shoulders from all of the blog tours I'm hosting and all of the tight schedules. It was just amazing and really enjoyable. I found myself envying the life Samantha (the main character) was living. :( I want a family living next door to me that has hot boys too :( *sniff sniff*...lol!! A great and enjoyable book.

9. Going Too Far -- Again, another COP!! But man, this cop is HOT!! One of my favourite books of all time!! I keep re-reading this all the time when I don't have any books to read!!
10. Reason To Breathe -- I loved the whole series. It was such an emotional book, I haven't read the last one yet, but it killed me when I read the last word of book 2 and had to wait a WHOLE YEAR for the last book to come out!!! AMAZING SERIES!! I LOVE ALL OF THE BOOKS!!

Now, that is my list, I hope you read these books because they are amazing!!
Even though the topic is ten things to read when you need something LIGHT and fun,
most of these books are not very light. 
So be WARNED!!

Tell me your TTT in the comments or wherever!!

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  1. I've got The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight at home and i'm really excited to read it! And i've wanted to read The Catastrophic History of You and Me and My Life Next Door for quite a while now, so you pushed me over the edge. Great list :)

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