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REVIEW: The Originals by Cat Patrick

The Originals by Cat Patrick

Title: The Originals
Author: Cat Patrick
Publication Date: May 6th 2013
Publisher: Electric Monkey (UK)

I glance at the three baby portraits in thick wooden frames.I feel a familiar prickling on the back of my neck.Because I know there's another picture somewhere - and the baby in that photo looks identical to the babies on the wall.Somewhere, there's a photo of the original.
Ella, Betsy and I look like sisters: triplets, you might think.
But that's not what we are at all.
We are clones in hiding. We split our lives and exist as one person in the outside world. And we've always been happy.
But now I've fallen head-over-heels in love . . . and that changes everything.
Because, to let love in, I need to be allowed to be Me.
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My Review:

I found this book really interesting to read. I just bought this yesterday and started it today, finished it all in a few hours. It was such an amazing read and I could not put it down.

So the story starts with introducing these three girls who share a life. The girls: Elizabeth, Ella and Betsey are sisters, more like triplets. They look exactly the same, but they are completely different. They live the same life, each living one-third of a day. Elizabeth takes the morning classes and then she swaps with Ella as soon as lunch starts. Betsey takes the evening times. 

Of course, that's kind of a pain in the ass if you live only one-third of a day for your whole life. But that's the sort of life the girls live in. We get to read this book from Elizabeth's point of view, and I love how she was just like a normal girl. She's kind of selfish in some normal-everyday-life sort of way, which I also love, and she was the sort of girl that you would fall in love with straight away.

And also, how can I forget the love interest? Sean Kelly. Sean is the type of boy who every girl likes, but he's not a player. He's just a guy whose bedroom is neat, who loves taking photos and he runs the school's facebook page. Sean is kind, the type that supports his girlfriend. He's generous and did I mention, hot? LOL!

I love the whole plot of the story, how the girls find their way back to being themselves. And I also love how Cat made the book so unique with the triplets and clones. I love Cat's writing, and I have to say, it has been a while since I've read a good normal-life-girls book, even though their life was way more than normal.

I love the characters, the plot and the whole scene set up inside the book. I could literally picture the girls in my mind, and with a cover like, the cover is amazing!! It's just so pretty!! So envious of the models!! Hehe!!

5 stars.

About The Author

Cat Patrick is an author of books for teens. Her debut novel, FORGOTTEN (available now), is about a girl who can remember the future instead of the past, and was praised by NYT bestselling author of Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher, as a "mindbending," one-sitting read. The book is being translated into 21 languages and Paramount bought the movie rights, with True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld attached to star as the main character, London Lane.
Patrick's second (unrelated) novel, REVIVED, is about a girl who's part of a secret government program to test a drug that brings people back from the dead. REVIVED will be available in the US May 2012, and in the UK and Australia Summer 2012.
Patrick lives near Seattle with her husband and twin 3-year-olds, and is afraid of zombies, planes, and zombies on planes.
Visit her online at 

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