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BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY: Awakenings by Hally Willmott

Awakenings by Hally Willmott

Title: Awakenings
Author: Hally Willmott
Publication Date: May 2013
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

When sixteen-year old Jacey Adison’s parents tell her they must move again, she has never questioned their life style. Until now. When Jacey was two, her parents fled the protection of their birthplace, the mystical dimension of Nemele. Leaving was the only solution her parents believed might allow them to keep their family together and alive.
The Adisons have been running from a sect of iniquitous beings from Nemele who covet Jacey. Her parents have repressed their adversaries’ relentless tracking efforts by not utilizing their own mystical powers. They have chosen to conceal themselves within the only realm they knew they’d be able to survive. They are living under their self-imposed powerless sanctions on Earth, which constitutes the nineteenth nation of Nemele.
Her parents have never revealed their true identities to Jacey, consequently keeping her true lineage and unique birthright from her. Jacey’s family has pretended to be non-magical humans as a ploy to prevent an ancient omnipotent entity from killing more innocent beings in its relentless quest to possess Jacey.
Born as an anomaly, Jacey possesses rare abilities that both virtuous and corrupt entities seek to use as their own. Should either side prevail, Jacey may be the saviour or downfall of every world within Nemele’s domains. Blindly thrust into life and death situations, Jacey learns of her true powers within her dreaming and conscious states.

My Review:

4 stars review.

I thought this book was a bit strange and weird, sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way. Awakenings was unexpected, I thought it was going to be a paranormal fantasy story about a world other than the human existence but it was a bit complicated than that.

Well, it was a bit different that what I was accustomed to. First we get to meet Jacey, she is quiet and has a best friend called Jenny. We also get to meet her brother, I have a bit of a problem when I was wondering if he was older or younger than Jacey. Sometimes he acted as though he was older, but sometimes he acted as though he was younger. 

The story leads on with Jacey wondering why their family keeps moving after her parents' sudden death during a car accident. I have to say, for me, Jacey was a bit weak. I mean, she acted as though I could just pinch her and she would fall in a heap. Or maybe that was because I'm more used to brave and strong girls (you know what I mean? GIRL POWER!!). But Jacey seemed to accept what everybody says to her. 

This story was really confusing at first, and I found it really hard to understand until I was about 50% through. This book was a bit slow-going and if it was a bit more fast-paced, it would've been really exciting. 

But overall, I actually really liked this book, I love how Hally kept the part of the story hidden, hiding parts and parts out as I get more confused. But really that was what made me want to read the rest of the book. Because it was so confusing, I just had to find out what was the story behind all of the houses that Jacey and her family had to move into and all of the secrets behind her parents' past.


About The Author

Author for Limitless Publishing. Wife, mother and Police Officer:)


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to do a review! I appreciate your honesty and support:)



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