About Me

Hiya, my name's June, and I am a book blogger.
I'm 18, living in London, UK.
I used to dabble in a bit of booktube, but life became too busy and I just felt awkward around a camera in the end, so I'm just going to stick to blogging :)
I love reading, and I try to review them when I can, particularly books I really enjoy. All the reviews I've done will be put in the 'Reviews' page, so feel free to have a browse.
Thank you for reading what I write, and I hope you get some book recommendations out of it :)

I do often write some poetry that I put up on Wattpad. They don't often make sense and probably won't even be considered as poetry, but I write what I can and I love what I write. You can check out some of my work on my Wattpad, linked below :)


Email: DTL0201@gmail.com

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