Review Requests & Policy


If you are a publisher or an author and would like me to review your book(s), then this page is for you!

I accept ebooks as well as physical copies. Any ARC or finished copies sent to me are considered as gifts and I will not share or re-sale unless you give me the permission. Please understand that not every review request can be accepted.

My preferred reads are YA, NA and Adult of any genre. I never or rarely read self-help, Religious, non-fiction, Historical, Poetry, Graphic Novels or short stories.

In The Request

In your review request, please include:
  1. Title & Author of the book
  2. Book Cover
  3. The genre of the book
  4. Link to Goodreads (or other pages with complete details and reviews)
  5. (OPTIONAL) The date you would like me to post my review.

  My Reviews

What to expect in my review:
  1. Cover
  2. Title & Author names
  3. Publication Date and Name
  4. Summary of the book
  5. My review (my reviews are all based on honesty, so please, if you don't want me to post a review less than 3 stars, then please state that in the email)
  6. Rating (see Number 5)
  7. About The Author
(OPTIONAL) If the publisher/author has a banner/signature, then I will put that up at the bottom of the post.

NOTE: All summaries and author details are taken from Goodreads. If you would like me to post a different summary or details then please state that in the email.

I can also post on other sites such as Amazon/B&N/TBD. If you want me to post it in a specific link, state that also.

Please Note

  • I will receive and consider every request that I get.
  • Since it is time consuming, I won't be able to reply to every single email.
  • Since I am an avid reader, I do have other books to read as well. There will be times when it takes me a while to get back to you with the reviews, but I will try very hard to not make that happen.
  • I won't always accept any review request you send me. I will have to pick and check out the books if it interests me or not. There is no point reading and reviewing a book that I don't think I'll enjoy and giving back a negative review.
  • I do not receive or accept compensation for reviews.


Please send all requests to this email:

You can also reach for me through Twitter.

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