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REVIEW: Down London Road by Samantha Young

Down London Road by Samantha Young

Title: Down London Road
Author: Samantha Young
Publication Date: May 9th 2013 (UK ver)
Publisher: Penguin

Johanna Walker knows what she wants. And that's a strong, steady, financially secure man who will treat her well and look after her and her little brother, Cole - something her parents have never done.
But when she meets the gorgeous Cameron MacCabe, a new bartender at work, Jo can't deny the instant and undeniable attraction she feels. Cam doesn't fit into her strict specifications of her perfect partner at all - but for once she is tempted to let her heart rule her head.
And as their intense connection grows, Jo has to stop hiding the truth about herself and her family. Is Cam prepared to accept Jo for who she really is? And is Jo willing to let someone into her life for keeps?
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My Review

WOW! What can I say? Samantha did an awesome job AGAIN. When I first read the first book On Dublin Street, I was hooked straight away. So when this book came out, I HAD to go and get it. And believe me, I did not regret a moment of reading it.

In this second instalment (which can be read as a stand-alone), we get to meet Jo, short for Johanna. She is generous, friendly, and she cares about her friends and family. I have to say that she was selfless, maybe a bit TOO selfless. I mean, she cared about her family and friends way more than she cares about herself. And I found that very admirable. Not many girls in their twenties put everything first before themselves. Jo was unique and she had humour. I love girls with smart-ass humour. 

And of course, we get to meet Cam. Oh Cam!! I love Cam, I mean, who wouldn't?? You would be crazy if you didn't fall in love with him. He's charming, a bit weird, very humourous, and (obviously) HOT!! He cared about Jo and her family, he is truthful when he speaks to her. He doesn't lie, and that is what I want in every man. He has these feelings towards Jo that I can't explain, but I can feel it. I can feel his need and desperation for Jo to trust him, but he doesn't push her. He gives her time. 

And how could I forget Braden and Joss? I mean, they are such a cute couple together. I love Braden and I love Joss. They are the sort of friends who I would love to have right by my side every time. They are funny, protective (not too protective though) and I just love them. 

The plot of this book was great. I love how Jo had an abusive past and the relationship between her and her 14-year-old brother. Normally, brothers and sisters don't get along well. But I love their relationship, how they both care so much about each other (*sniff sniff* it makes me miss my sister). 

There were these feelings and emotions that Samantha created that got to me every time. Sometimes I feel like laughing, crying or sometimes, makes me think about my own family. It was just all so real! Of course, you can read this one as a stand-alone but I suggest you go and read On Dublin Street first. Both books are AMAZING!! 

Looking forward to reading Samantha's next book!!!

About The Author

Samantha Young is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from Stirlingshire, Scotland. She's been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Author and Best Romance for her international bestseller ON DUBLIN STREET.
For more info on Samantha's adult fiction visit http://www.ondublinstreet.com
For info on her young adult fiction visit www.samanthayoungbooks.com

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