Tuesday, April 02, 2013

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were A Fictional Character

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the amazing ladies at The Broke and the Bookish 
This week's topic is ten fictional characters that I have a crush on. Uh, hello? Single girl right here!! There are loads!! Here are the list, they are NOT in any order whatsoever!
Lets see:

Tier over at Clutch 

Tobias/Four over at Divergent

Daemon over at Obsidian

Matt over at The Sphinx Project

Jake over at Saving June (haha my name!!)

John over at Going Too Far (he's a cop!! A VERY HOT COP!)

Will over at Slammed

Seth Over at Unlovable (HE'S ALSO A COP!! I LOVE COPS! If you knew me, you'll know why)

Paul over at Survive (I cried so hard!)

There you go, that's my list! What about you? Any hotties I should get introduced to? LOL!
Comment if you have any!!


  1. You have a seriously amazing list! Great Picks. and Ilove cops too!!!! Something about a man in a power position with a uniform. YUM.
    New Follower!<3!
    Beth | The Reading Vixens
    Vixen's Top Ten!

    1. I know right!! Cops are just so.........HOT!! That's one thing, the second thing is that I actually want to become a Police officer. So....they are Irresistible!!!

  2. I haven't read any of these so I can't really comment! They do sound very swoon worthy though! Happy Reading!

    My Top Ten!

  3. haha single girl right here too! :) :) LOVE your list! Four <3 <3 And OMG Daemon <3 And I loved reading about Jake and his music <3 :) Awesome list ;)



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