Thursday, April 11, 2013

REVIEW: Matchplay by Dakota Madison

Matchplay by Dakota Madison


   A Girl, a Guy, a Tournament and a Challenge.

The Girl: At a time when most girls obsess about homecoming and high school prom, Rainy Dey spent her senior year caring for her dying mother. So when her father drops her off at college to start her freshman year, his words of advice to his bookish daughter are to start acting like a young person and finally have some fun.

The Guy: College senior, Aaron Donavan, aka Mr-Hot-And-Knows-It, is president of the Clubhouse, a social club for the college's most wealthy and popular guys. Aaron can have any girls on campus except the one who challenges and excites him the most--Rainy Dey.

The Tournament: Every year, the senior members of the Clubhouse engage in a golf-inspired tournament to see who can sleep with the most freshmen girls. When Rainy finds out about the tournament, she believes Aaron's only interest in her is to score points by taking her V-card.

The Challenge: Can Aaron convince Rainy that his feelings for her are true and that she won't be just another notch on his tournament scorecard?

My Review:

   This book is a very light-weight book that you can enjoy reading anytime you want. 

   Matchplay starts with Rainy Dey starting college, she is a very innocent girl, who had to look after her mother when she was in her senior year in high school. To me, Rainy is a very kind girl, but sometimes she's too soft for her own being. 

   Aaron Donavan is a senior in college, and while being the most popular guy in college, he is best known as the Clubhouse's president and the playboy. But once he'd set eyes on Rainy, he can't stop the feelings he had for her. The romance between Rainy and Aaron is expected, the bad-boy and good-girl thing. I enjoyed reading the feelings that they had for each other, and all the obstacles in front of them.

   There are also other characters in the story, and I loved all of them. But to be honest, I thought Rainy and Aaron's relationship was a bit rushed. I mean, the whole story was cute and really enjoyable, but the feelings and tension in here was just a bit rushed.

   At first it went from just meeting each other, to full on love, and I liked it. But the rest was like a side dish of a full meal, if you get what I mean. So, the relationship and the love they had for each other was  the main dish, but then all of the obstacles didn't have enough description. 

   I give this 4 stars instead of 5 because the description was too rushed. If the author stretched the story more (as in, not rushing it), then it would've been a very enjoyable and cute story.

   Even though, I still love the story, I thought it's a very easy book to love while reading anywhere and anytime. 

About The Author

   Dakota Madison had been writing since she learned to read and fell in love with books. When she's not at her computer creating spicy new romances, Dakota is traveling to exotic locales or spending time with her husband and their bloodhounds.

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