Monday, April 15, 2013

Abbi Glines Birthday Bash: My favourite excerpt + Giveaway!


I am so pissed (excuse me) since today is Abbi's birthday and
she's going to be in the London Fair while I'm in SCHOOL! Damn you school!! Urgh! School and education always get in the way!!

Anyway (hehe), since it's her birthday, I am going to post my favourite excerpt from one of her books AND (get excited) there is also a GIVEAWAY! Everybody loves giveaways right? Lol.

So here is my favourite excerpt from Abbi's book FALLEN TOO FAR:


“Blaire?” Rush’s concerned tone surprised me and I snapped my eyes open and strained in the darkness to see him walking over toward me.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I couldn’t find you. Why are you out here? This isn’t safe.”

I’d had it with his big brother role. I could handle things myself. He needed to back off. “I’m fine. Go back inside and continue your make-out session in our booth.” The bitterness in my voice was obvious. It couldn’t be helped.

“Why are you out here?” he repeated, slowly taking another step toward me.

“Because I want to be,” I replied just as slowly, glaring up at him.

“The party is inside. Isn’t that what you wanted? A honky-tonk with men and drinks? You’re missing it out here.”

“Back off, Rush.”

Rush took one more step toward me leaving all but an inch between us. “No. I want to know what happened.”

Something in me snapped and I put both hands on his chest and shoved as hard as I could. He barely stumbled back. “You want to know what happened? YOU happened Rush. That’s what happened.” I stormed around him and stalked toward the dark parking lot.

One strong hand wrapped around my arm stopping me and I jerked hard trying to set myself free but it was no use.  Rush had a firm hold on me and he wasn’t letting go.

“What does that mean, Blaire?” he asked, pulling me back up against his chest.

I squirmed against him fighting back the urge to scream. I hated the way the smell of him made my heart race and my body throb. I needed him to stay at a distance. Not rub his warm delicious body all over me.

“Let. Me. Go.” I snapped.

“Not until you tell me what your problem is,” he replied angrily.

Would you read that? URGH! Makes me want to read it all over again!! But I am so busy these days (school work and reading).

And now, on to the GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway prizes:
(1) print copy of The Vincent Boys-INTERNATIONAL-shipped from The Book Depository.
(1) print copy of Fallen Too Far-INTERNATIONAL-shipped from The Book Depository.
(5) 'Vintage' Swag Mini-Packs: includes the original promotional bookmarks for Predestined and The Vincent Boys, plus an Existence book plate, all signed by Abbi-INTERNATIONAL.

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  1. Oh, I just love Abbi Glines, she's so much fun to read! And I really love the cover of Fallen too Far!



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