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REVIEW: Fledge by J.A. Huss

Fledge by J.A. Huss


   Well-trained soldier or genetically engineered monster?

   Junco Coot can't even remember her trip off Earth: she was too busy being morphed into her new avian body. But reality hits her hard when she wakes up to find her new life is not what she expected. Not even close.
   Tier is on trial of treason, the avian president wants her dead, her new military team is hostile, her body is being taken over by an illicit AI, and her only friend is an 10-year-old throwaway boy.
   In most places the avian Fledge ritual would be nothing more than mass murder, but here in the capitol city of Amelia, it's called growing up. Junco has two choices; fight to the death to prove her point, or get sent back to Earth in the hands of her enemies. 
   In a foreign culture and surrounded by people she can't trust or count on, Junco must find a way to save herself and Tier without losing her immortal soul in the process. 

 My review:



I received this book as a gift from Alexia Purdy (author of Reign of Blood, she is awesome!) and read it in 3 hours. I could not put it down and could not go away for two seconds without reading another word. It was absolutely ... AMAZING! I am speechless.

In book 2 of I Am Just Junco series, the story goes on exactly where it left off in book 1. Now Tier (OMG hot Tier) is on a trial for treason because he did not follow his orders to kill Junco, and Junco has to try and survive through the Fledge. 

We get to meet some new characters (I'm not going to reveal names) and I loved all of them. I can tell you that they are mostly all boys (swoon). The boys were so loveable even though they were such assholes sometimes, but that's what sealed the deal, right? 

Junco was brave and strong and bad-ass like normal, and I love that about her. She's not those girls who would try and be brave in front of people but actually is a fraud, she is real and she is herself, and that's all that matters. She is not perfect, and sometimes I want to kill her and hate her but I can't, because ... I just can't. I can relate to her in some ways, but not all. Like, she's not afraid to tell the truth, and I love that. Junco is cocky and I really wish she was real and she would be me. LOL.

The storyline was just amazing. J.A. Huss did such a great job making the whole story realistic and I feel like I'm actually living in her world. It was ... so exciting, amazing, awesome, running-out-of-words and speechless. 

I love the way J.A. Huss uses swear words, it doesn't seem over-the-top, it was just ... fitting. I love that and I just love the way she created such an imaginable world that I wish I was living in. Sometimes, I could actually feel the anger, exhaustion, sadness (emotions) that J.A. Huss described of all the characters. She is such an amazing author and I will definitely read the rest of the series.

AMAZING!! (I cannot think of any other words to describe this).
I LOVE YOU J.A. HUSS (and Alexia Purdy for sending this to me as a gift in the first place!!)

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