Thursday, March 31, 2016


Hey, everyone! It's the end of March, and in this post, I will be wrapping up the month with the books I've read! This month, I have read a total of 42 books! I know! Crazy, right? 42 books.
This totally beat the 23 or so books I read last month.
Anyway, during this month, I did re-read a lot of books as well as reading new ones, and so I'm just going to start with showing you the books I re-read, then move on to the new ones I read, and end it with my top three books I read in the month of March.
Anyway, here are the books!


  • Clutch
  • Fledge
  • Flight
  • Range
  • Magpie Bridge
  • Return

  • Tragic
  • Manic
  • Panic

Newly Reads

Love Me Never by Sara Wolf (REVIEW COMING 06/04/2016)
(review coming closer to release date)

Top 3 Favourites

Since I read so many books this month, I thought I'd end it with my top 3 I've read this month that is definitely going on my top favourites of all time list.
Anyway, here are my top three:
The books are listed in the order that I read them.
Love Me Never by Sara Wolf (REVIEW COMING 6/4/16)


So there you have it!
Those are the books I re-read and read this month with the addition of my top three from the list.
I hope you had a great reading month and make sure you comment below to share your favourite books you read this month and how many you read in total :) 42 books in a month is an absolute goal breaker for me so I'm happy :D
I hope you enjoyed this post!

What are your favourite books you've read this month?

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