Thursday, May 12, 2016

MAY & JUNE: Exam months

Hey guys!

It's me, June, again!

So I just wanted to write a short post explaining a few things that will be happening in the next two months of my leftover secondary school life.

So, obviously, it's exam month, and of course, I'll be taking exams as well because you know, I need to pass them to get into college/6th form and then pass their exams to get into university and then pass that to get a good paying job and you know, just all of that jazz :D

So, by me taking my exams and (trying to) pass them, I won't be able to post much on here because I will be using my time to revise and such. This is probably why I didn't post an April wrap-up or a May TBR at the start of this month, because ultimately, my exams has already started.

I've completed two out of my twelve GCSE courses (3 out of 23 exams done! 20 more to go!) and that was all in the past week. I've got one week of no exams and then it all starts again next week, meaning I only have this week to post all of the things I want and have the free time to read pleasurably. 

But anyway, so starting from next week onwards, I will be stuck in exam mode and so if you don't see me posting in a long while, that will be the reason :D I hope you stick along though, because by late June, my exams will be done and I won't ever have to read the word GCSE again! And of course, free reading time!

But yeah, this is it. I might try to post some reviews and such along the way, but that depends on how much reading I get done during revision. I've got one blog tour coming up beginning of June but I'm trying to squeeze that in and schedule it as soon as possible so that it won't get in the way of my studying. 

So anyway, that was all I wanted to update you guys on! And hey, if you guys are interested, I'm doing Psychology, Sociology, English Lang & Lit and Maths for college :) Just if you're interested aha.

I will see you guys sometime soon! :D

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