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BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY: Say Nothing by T.A. Roth

Say Nothing

Title: Say Nothing
Series: The Speak Series #2
Author: T.A. Roth
Publication Date: November 26th 2015
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 Stars

After years spent harbouring a shameful secret, I finally felt…alive, reawakened and brave. Willing to break down my walls and let love in. Let him in.
We had conquered our pasts. The truth had set us free, and we were looking toward our future. Until a crazy twist of fate brought my worst nightmare back into my life.
The voice and soundtrack to every one of my haunting dreams now had a face. One he won’t easily let me forget.
The hits Ben endured on the football field will be nothing compared to the devastating blow his heart will take if he finds out the whole truth. He knows the story, but he doesn’t know the monster. Not like I do.
Just as the wounds of my past had begun to heal, he’s come back to rip them wide open.
Maybe some things are better kept from those we love.
Maybe some secrets are never meant to be told.
Maybe it’s better to Say Nothing…

My Review

I really enjoyed reading this series, and especially after that ending in book 1, I was so excited to jump into book 2 and it was so damn awesome! Such a satisfying end to Ben and Ari's story.

This book immediately starts off where book 1 left and so there was an immediate hook to the story and I didn't have to wait long before everything clicked back into place. This series started off being very light and romantic, but the second book deals with the heavier side of Ari's past and the affects it has on her current relationship with Ben. Overall, it was really a book about how to keep a relationship real and trustworthy, and it was an intense but fun read altogether. 

The creep level in this story scared the heck out of me. It seriously did creep me out and half of the time I was nervous while reading it. But luckily, Ben is there to smother my nervousness because he is just there being smexy as always ;P

Though I have to say, there is one thing that is bugging me especially after I'd finished the book, and it is the fact that Ari didn't open up about what happened to her and she never really talked to anyone about it except her therapist, and for me, that's not a very healthy way to deal with something traumatic when you're in a relationship with a significant other. I felt like she should've opened up to Ben more and told him things that could potentially bring them closer together because it is a matter of trust, but yeah. That's the only thing that was bugging me :)

Overall, I really enjoyed the whole series, and it is just a lovely, sexy and intense but fun series to read over the weekend. 


About The Author

T.A. Roth is a wife and mother of two funny and crazy kids. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she couldn't imagine living anywhere else. When she's not beautifying clients as a stylist/make-up artist at her day job you can find her reading, fangirling her favorite authors, or singing along to the radio. After getting the opportunity to read the debut novel of a then client now friend something clicked. Her "what the hell" attitude kicked in and a year later, here we are.
Say Something... A new adult romance is her debut novel.
Author links:Facebook Website Goodreads Twitter

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  1. This sounds like a fun read and I like the creepy aspect. Glad you liked it, June! Lovely review! :)



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