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REVIEW: Manwhore by Katy Evans (Manwhore #1)


Title: Manwhore
Series: Manwhore #1
Author: Katy Evans
Publication Date: March 24th 2015
Publisher: Gallery Books
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Erotica
Rating: 5 Stars
Is it possible to expose Chicago’s hottest player—without getting played?
This is the story I've been waiting for all my life, and its name is Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint. Don’t be fooled by that last name though. There’s nothing holy about the man except the hell his parties raise. The hottest entrepreneur Chicago has ever known, he’s a man’s man with too much money to spend and too many women vying for his attention.
Mysterious. Privileged. Legendary. His entire life he’s been surrounded by the press as they dig for tidbits to see if his fairytale life is for real or all mirrors and social media lies. Since he hit the scene, his secrets have been his and his alone to keep. And that’s where I come in.
Assigned to investigate Saint and reveal his elusive personality, I’m determined to make him the story that will change my career.
But I never imagined he would change my life. Bit by bit, I start to wonder if I'm the one discovering him...or if he's uncovering me.
What happens when the man they call Saint, makes you want to sin?

My Review

I freaking Loved this book! 

Katy Evans has always been on my look-out-for list ever since I read Real, and so when I saw that she had a new book out, Manwhore, I was sold! To be honest, I have to say, I enjoyed this book much more than I enjoyed Real. The whole story was just more realistic and more natural, making me ache for more as I read it.

Malcolm Saint is everything but a saint. He's a sinner who takes what he wants and does what he wants. He doesn't take shit from anyone, and I fell in love with his independent side as the story gradually progresses. The character of Saint was really real, and it didn't feel like he was made up to be this alpha-brooding type who acts like an ass half the time. He was much much different than Remy, and much more unique in his style as well as his personality. I absolutely loved him. 

P.S. He puts a goddamn dizzying spin on the word "dibs" ;)

With our main protagonist, Rachel Livingston is a twenty-three year-old journalist who was given an assignment to write an exposé on Malcolm Saint, but that plan shrivelled and died almost as soon as she saw him during their first interview. I really love Rachel in this book. Unlike many other heroines in New Adult books that has an alpha male, she really doesn't fall for the guy until the very end. Rachel progressed to grow as a character all the way through the book, and the decisions she had to make really broke my heart. She is strong, very brave, and you could literally see the transformation she went through as the book went on.

The tension between Malcolm and Rachel throughout the whole book was literally life-threatening! I loved all of the sexual tension, but I also loved all of the play-on-play they had with each other. Their relationship was just amazing to experience and I loved every second of it!

Plus. C'mon.

Saint. Just. Malcolm. Saint.

The ending didn't end on a massive cliffhanger as many other readers made it out as, but I still wanted more. It left on a cliffhanger but it was just enough that it didn't make me think "WTF!?"

I enjoyed this book so so much, and I cannot wait to read that next one!

About The Author

Katy Evans is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her debut REAL shot to the top of the bestselling lists in 2013 and since then all of her titles have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages across the world, with over a million copies sold worldwide.
***Katy doesn't respond to messages on Goodreads, but you can email her at or look her up on Facebook, Twitter, or her website.
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