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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Draw Me In by Megan Squires

Draw Me In by Megan Squires

Title: Draw Me In
Author: Megan Squires
Publication Date: January 7th 2014
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Source: ARC
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He’s a young, up and coming businessman with the keys to his family’s Italian wine enterprise.
I’m a fine arts student, navigating life in the Big Apple, my pencil and sketchpad in hand.
We meet. We fall in love.
But it’s not that story.
Sometimes, by a rare gift of fate, two lives cross paths. And hey, if that happens to occur when staring at Michelangelo’s naked masterpiece, even better. We can tell our future children how a seventeen-foot tall marble guy named David brought us together.
But there’s always more to a relationship than its beginning and ever after. In life, there’s a whole lot of backstory. There are ex-fiancés and hot roommates and family members whose advice continues, even beyond the grave.
When you say you love someone, it’s never just that one person you’re saying it to. And it’s never just that one moment that sets everything in motion.
There is always more that draws you in.

My Thoughts

DRAW ME IN is a unique and addictive story. It will make you laugh and giggle, but it will also bring you almost to tears. Megan Squires delivered such a powerful and romantic story that I even fell in love with it as well as the characters.

When I started reading this book, I thought that this would be like a normal contemporary romance, girl-falling-in-love-with-boy and boy-falling-in-love-with-girl, that sort of thing. But it wasn't, it was more than that. Firstly, I am in introduced to Julie. She is an art student as well as a teacher. She draws by looking and touching either statues or real-life models. But she's looking for much more. She's looking for something to be her muse, instead of just drawing what she sees and touches. Julie is a girl that you will fall in love with straight away. She is hilarious, even if she doesn't want to be. You cannot help but smile and burst out laughing at the poor girl.

Then we are introduced to Leo. And coincidently or not, Julie and Leo met when they bumped into each other while staring at a naked statue of David Michelangelo. Leo is a business man with the keys to his family's Italian wine enterprise. He's fun at times and all in business other times. But Leo has a past. He the type of person that is easy to forgive. He moves on.

So when Leo and Julie fell in love, they had to face that past of his. You can't hide or run from it. You just have to face it. This story was just beautiful. There were moments when Megan surprised me with her writing. I would be shocked and be sitting there screaming "No no no no please tell me that's not true!". That was what Megan's writing did to me. And there were also moments that I couldn't stop laughing. It was that funny.

I recommend this book to every Contemporary lovers out there, and also for those who like surprises, like me. I cannot wait to read Megan's other books.


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About The Author

Megan Squires lives with her husband and two children just outside of Sacramento, California. A graduate from the University of California, Davis, Megan is now a full-time mother, wife, and dreamer—though her characters don’t often give her much opportunity to sleep.
Visit to learn more about her latest young adult series.

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  1. Wow this sounds very emotional and beautiful! I love romance stories that are written with such emotion - from humor to heartbreak, really. Great review, love!



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