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BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY: Crescent by Homer H. Hickam

Title: Crescent
Author: Homer Hickam
Series: Helium-3 #2
Publication Date: June 2013
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

They said she wasn’t human. They were wrong.
A seemingly endless war against the insurgent Crowhoppers keeps the people of Moontown fighting when they’d rather be mining valuable Helium-3. Crater Trueblood’s valiant efforts against the genetically-manipulated beings weighs heavily on his mind. What is he really fighting for?
In the midst of a deadly battle, Crater captures an enemy Crowhopper. But this one he refuses to kill. “It” is genetically more human than not and its gender seems to be female. She calls herself Crescent.
Crater takes her to Moontown as a prisoner of war, but treats her kindly. However, at the hands of Moontown residents Crescent experiences prejudice and even cruelty.
Soon Crescent is imprisoned for a murder she didn’t commit. Crater comes to her aid, and the two become fugitives, escaping into the vast expanse of hostile terrain called “the big suck.” For Crater, it turns out the cause most worth fighting for may be right by his side.

Interview with Maria Medaris [CRESCENT by Homer Hickam] by Stoptha Prezzes, reporter for the Armstrong City Bootprints, the Moon's #1 Newspaper

Today we are honored to interview Maria Medaris, President of the Medaris Jumpcar Company (MJC), and granddaughter of Colonel John High Eagle Medaris, the founder of Moontown and Medaris Family Enterprises.

Armstrong City Bootprints: You're 19 years old and you've led convoys across the moon, served as a diplomat for your grandfather, and now the president of a profitable company. How do you explain your success at such an early age?

Maria Medaris: I hold a Ph.D. in engineering and I work very hard.

ACB: Then it has nothing to do with being the granddaughter of the fabulously wealthy and enterprising Colonel Medaris?

MM: Not at all. Because I'm family, I probably had to work harder to get where I am. There are many members of the Medaris family who are not in a position of responsibility or authority. For instance, I'm my father's boss.

ACB: What's that like?

MM: Interesting. I expect maximum performance out of everyone in my company.

ACB: Could you tell us more about the recent attack by a warpod on your jumpcar while you were visiting the lunar wayback? Do you know who did it?

MM: I was visiting the Apollo 12 landing site with several colleagues to study how best to protect it for future generations. Then a drone flew past me and I suspected it was from a warpod. I took off but was hit by a kinetic missile, losing an engine. Since I had no weapons on the jumpcar, I used the exhaust from my remaining engine to cook off a missile on the warpod's wing. While it limped off, I ejected the damaged engine and ran for Armstrong City. As to whose warpod it was, we have our suspicions. There will be consequences.

ACB: That's amazing. So not only are you a great executive, you're also an expert jumpcar pilot!

MM: There's only one better. His name is Crater Trueblood.

ACB: I recall that name. Wasn't he the boy you crossed the moon with several years ago in a heel-3 convoy which was constantly attacked by crowhoppers?

MM: Yes, but I would prefer not to talk about him.

ACB: But you brought him up.

MM: I said I don't want to talk about Crater Trueblood. I will never see him again. I never want to see him again. Strike that. Strike everything I just said about him.

ACB: Of course. So what's next for Maria Medaris?

MM:  Whatever it is, it won't involve Crater. He's nothing to me.

ACB:Yet, you keep mentioning him. Are you in love with Crater Trueblood, Miss Medaris?

MM: No! Crater is nothing but trouble. Besides that, he's captured a crowhopper and thinks he came tame it, not that I care. Now, if you'll excuse me, my schedule is very full. This interview is concluded. My assistant will show you out.


About The Author 

Homer Hickam (also known as Homer H. Hickam, Jr.) is probably best known for his award-winning memoir Rocket Boys which was adapted into the ever-popular movie October Sky where he was played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Mr. Hickam has been a coal miner, Vietnam combat veteran, scuba instructor, NASA engineer, and now a best-selling author. For more information, please go to

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